Our cast is divided in several groups:

the “bassa capella” (bassa means low or quiet) with instruments like fiddle, harp, or dulcimer

>>Anonym -  Amoroso<<



It is quite important for the musicians to perform their songs in an entertaining way and as close to the original as possible. Moreover, they try to enlarge the repertoire of music for their own ensemble and for the historical festival  "Landshuter Hochzeit". The basis is a long and passionate process of research, of collecting, and of cooperation with well-known musicians and scientists from Germany and other countries, who work on early music. Moreover, there is cooperation with experts in constructing historical instruments all over Europe and a lot of research about books and manuscripts of the time around 1500.

It is highly satisfactory to revive music which could not be heard for centuries. And we are proud to follow one of the pioneers of early music, the founder of "Landshuter Hofmusik" - Hans Walch.


Our way to play music resembles the idea of music played at courts in the 15th century. We are used to a quite flexible way of rehearsing and performing. We are able to play solo, in small groups, or do whole concerts with all members of our ensemble. When we play concerts our narrator is quite important. He alludes to the historical backgrounds and brings them on stage while interacting with the musicians.

the “alta capella” (alta means loud) which is called “Cinque Bombardi”
(e.g. shawm, bagpipe, slidetrumpet)
>>Heinrich Isaac - Palle palle<<


The “Hofsänger” (singers of the court), who sometimes play instruments as well
>>Heinrich Isaac - Maria, Jungfrow hochgeborn<<

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