Early Music since 50 years


The development of "Landshuter Hofkapelle" started in the 1960s. In 1965 Hans Walch founded "Landshuter Hofmusik", an ensemble with musicians and singers. With founding this ensemble he tried to revive the music of the 15th century. The numerous concerts called "Musik um 1475" during the historical festival "Landshuter Hochzeit" are proof of the success of his idea. In the following decades Hans Walch tried to enlarge the authenticity of the music. Therefore he worked on getting closer to the original music by improving the set of instruments and his knowledge. A very important milestone was the dancing event "Tanzspiel" (part of the historical festival) of 1975 which was rearranged using authentic music and dancing.

In 2001 the ensemble had to face a new challenge. Hans Walch ended his engagement as ensemble leader. This brought a rearrangement of the structure. However, important members remained and the ensemble is still doing the concerts and dancing events during the historical festival "Landshuter Hochzeit".

The rearrangement brought a smaller ensemble which is closer to the original groups of musicians working at medieval courts. Especially the flexibility of playing solo music, music in smaller or larger groups is typical of the original ensembles. It is quite exceptional that all members are able to sing and play instruments. Moreover, every ensemble member is able to play more than one instrument. Therefore we can recreate almost every authentic sound of the middle ages.

(original text by A. Huth, translation: T. Bauer)